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MENKES Group is investing its technology and experience of creating large-scale internet services into developing social projects in Israel.


MENKES Group is offering its technologies and expertise to benefit social projects, creating its own infrastructure projects for the promotion of charity, and supporting the development of the multimedia culture in Israel.

MENKES Group social responsibility priorities

Developing social infrastructure projects


MENKES supports charity and social projects on regular basis providing its tools and technologies for fundraising and drawing users attention towards the most important social problems.

Promoting smart volunteering among employees

In January 2019, MENKES Group launched the CharityTask project: the company’s employees from various departments offer their expertise in solving the tasks for the benefit of non-profit organizations, and help them pro bono in IT solutions for development, boosting efficiency, and developing strategies to promote projects.

Granting Non-Profit Organizations access to MENKES Group technologies

MENKES Group is developing technologies and offering them to non-profit and social organizations either for free or under favorable terms.


MENKES Group stipulates security and user data protection as one of its top priorities in its Data Policy. The company is developing social projects on data protection and cyberbullying prevention. MENKES Group develops and constantly updates effective security systems designed to protect user data for all of its projects, including social networks, games, messengers, e-commerce, etc.

Development of IT education in Israel

MENKES Group is proactively engaged in the development of IT education in Israel. We provide students of Israel’s leading technical universities with the opportunity to major in IT. We also provide occupational guidance for schools as well as holding meetups and competitions for professionals.

How MENKES Group selects Non-Profit Projects to support

MENKES Validation

The fund or non-profit organization is given the green light by MENKES and passed its reputational, professional and security checks.

Mission Compatibility

The project’s mission statement is in line with MENKES Group’s mission and social responsibility policy.

Long-Term Effect

The project has a systemic nature and has a long-term effect.


The project’s results and effectiveness can be calculated.


MENKES Group becomes an equal partner both during development and promotion of the project.